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A Thailand ‘Two Wheeler Company’*, focusing on the reconditioned market was experiencing weak performance for one of its dealers in the selected territory.

They appointed Scellus to help identify the root cause of the issue and develop a sales strategy to increase the sales for the affected dealer.

* The organization requested for a NDA ↗ to be signed for this project.


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Online + Offline.

Offline strategy. To identify the reason behind the declining sales, Scellus Marketing Consulting Team started a diagnostic study at the dealer’s.

In addition to analyzing the sales data of the current sales system, we also deployed analysts to collect our own data at their physical showroom to observe and analyze the performance of their sales team and how they perform.

Simultaneously, a market assessment was carried out to understand current trends and competitor’s activities.


Online strategy. A separate digital marketing team, working in tandem with the core marketing team, start identifying pain points to scope the project to cement the timeline for the project.

After a couple of internal and external meetings with the client, we identified core issues that needs urgent attention and we researched their top competitors to understand their strengths and come up with content ideas and useful keywords.


The assessments outcome highlighted a number of issues with the current sales system, such as poor attention to visiting prospects and vague follow up system. Furthermore, showroom environment and CRM’s implementation was not delivering the positive experience to the prospects which ultimately drops the conversion rate at end of the sales funnel.

Based on the gained insight, we worked on defining new sales strategy with a clear sales target in mind, designed and implemented a new sales process with a simple follow up system to ease and simplify the life of the sales team.

We utilized sales psychology techniques and worked with an interior designer to upgrade the showroom environment, rearranged the layout of bikes and seating arrangements to increase the purchasing likelihood.

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Within 3 months of implementing new sales strategy, sales increased by almost 100%

Their experience and familiarity with our business culture as well as their understanding of our objectives helped in the smooth and successful implementation of new sales strategy.

Generic avatarPiyawat S
Project Manager, ‘Two Wheeler Company’


Online + Offline. Working in tandem.

We spend around 3 months to fine tune and implementing the hybrid online offline marketing strategy for the two wheeler company. With our continuous support and dedicated internal sales staff members participation, the client’s sales increased by almost 100% from 161 units to 370 units per month.

Note: We are committed to our clients’ confidentiality. While we’ve changed their names, the results are real.


increase in showroom traffic

160 → 370

sales of units per month

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