Stunning, high-performing websites is the rule, not the exception.

Your company website is probably one of your best — if not the best — sales assets you have.

Turn your website into a high-performing automated sales machine.

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Website design & development.

Turn your website into an automated sales machine.

Your company website is probably one of your best — if not the best — sales assets you have.

We make beautiful websites that fit your needs, now and into the future. Turn your website into a strategic, engaging experience that reinforce credibility, communicate key messages and turn visitors into customers.

Not just a website.

First impression counts.

Your website should be a bold reflection of the quality you provide. Stand out online with a professional website, online store, or portfolio. We can help you turn any idea into a reality.

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Realtime analytics.

We love curious people. And we know curious people don’t like to be kept waiting.

All websites built by us will be equipped with Google Analytics that enable us to measure advertising ROI, interests as well as track anything that is happening on your website.

You will also gain access to a dedicated dashboard pulling in real-time data from multiple sources that’s relevant to your decision making.

Log in at any time of the day and see current keyword rankings, organic traffic growth, and ROI.

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Measure everything.

Take out the guesswork and start executing plans to reach your target audience based on data at hand.

We’ll connect your website to Google Analytics to gain insights and run experiments that will help identify potential revenue streams.

ROI focused.

With our data-centric SEO strategy, one of the main objective is to yield positive ROI. Whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500, every dollar counts. If you’re not earning, we’re not succeeding.


Simple and transparent.

We love to keep things simple.

When you know and understand what we’re doing, you can help us generate better solutions that’s better fit your requirements, goals & needs.

Join us along the journey and learn together as we go.

Socially connected.

With our custom integration module, you can connect your product catalog to Facebook, Instagram, and Google, and run smarter & more interactive advertising campaigns.

Lead generation, automated.

Build an audience, promote new products, sales, and other promotions by connecting your lead generation forms to your favorite email distribution platform.

Our team is your team.

When you sign up for our web development services, you got yourself a dedicated in-house team. We shall work as an extension to your team, collaborating in ideas, goals, deliverables & marketing initiatives.

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Your website will play a key role that will ignite your organization's growth.

Full website development services.

What you get.

We design beautiful and focused corporate websites that is tailor made to fit your needs now and into the future.

We have a proven track record of creating functional, visually striking ecommerce and corporate websites that bring your brand’s personality to life.

Great first impression.

Website that attracts your audience, making them want to spend more time on the website, converting them from visitors to customers.


We design and develop your website with only one clear objective in mind, to achieve your goals and KPIs.

Great user experience.

We ensure your customer is left with a positive experience of each visit to ensure their return.


We measure everything. We’ll set up a dedicated Dashboard for you to always be in the know.


Manage your content yourself. If you know how to post on social media, you’ve already mastered the skill to update your new website.


Speed is essential. We ensure your website loads quickly on all devices. Fast websites dramatically increase conversions.


Integrate your website with your marketing automation software and CRM for a seamless flow of data.

Maximum uptime.

Be assured of maximum availability thanks to redundancy built into the system.


Bring your domain over or we’ll help you get one.


We build websites with enterprise-level security. Software’s are kept updated and data is kept safe and secure.

Automated backup.

We ensure every work that you put into the website is backed up to ensure they’re available when you need it.

Maximum uptime.

Be assured of maximum availability thanks to redundancy built into the system.

Content management systems.

CMS that works for everyone.

We use proven strategies that have helped many brands claim the top of search results on competitive, high-volume industry keywords.



Design around your real content, need to bug your developers.



Write, edit, and update content right on the page, then publish in a click.


Content Strategists.

Create custom content types and structures to meet your strategy’s unique needs.



Add, update, delete, or publish right from your terminal or favorite editors via REST API.

What we’ve worked on.

See the difference.

We take great pride in producing truly unparalleled results. Our solutions will transform your digital presence and reflect what makes your business stand out.

Don’t take our word for it — let our work speak for itself.

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work elephero hero uai

Lead generation for branding & merchandising company

A new digital experience for a branding & merchandising company creating a curated library of products and unique personalization options, making it easier than ever to order branded merchandise, corporate gifts and door gifts that customers will love and use proudly.

jakub kapusnak vLQzopDRSNI unsplash min uai

Workflow automation & tracking application

Workflow automation application development for a trading company to track, streamline and manage daily operations and tasks.

Spookomi - Featured


A digital branding and ground up marketing site overhaul for a lifestyle branding boutique.

work katchii hero 02 uai


Development of Ruby on Rails application for Katchii, an online location-based loyalty system.

Scellus website design & development full services.

Full service capabilities.

Our website design and development services have been purposefully created to position our clients’ brands for success in today’s dynamic, constantly evolving world.

We have a proven track record of creating functional, visually striking ecommerce and corporate websites that bring your brand’s personality to life.

  • Strategy
  • Platform selection
  • Responsive design
  • Project management
  • Data transfer
  • Integrations
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Metadata optimization
  • Internal linking audit
  • Site copy updates
  • Content strategy development
  • Web development
  • QA & Testing
  • Custom extensions
  • Devops
  • Deployment
  • Post launch support

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Get a website audit.

Get in touch with Scellus to learn how our unique approach to design and development of websites can drive successful business outcomes.

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Integrating the right software into your website reduces manual work and creates a fully functioning online ecosystem that can save on operational costs and allow your business to grow.

From marketing automation and shipping, through to processing orders and accounting, you can save time & money by automating and streamlining areas of your business with trusted integrations.

Ongoing support & maintenance.

Continuous improvements.

We don’t simply build a solution and let it go. We measure everything. We look at the data to adapt and evolve your website over time to ensure it’s performing.

Additional design services.

Express yourself better.

Lost your identity? Stand out from the rest. Take time. Be credible.

We design materials to align your communications and implement it for your company’s internal and external marketing.


Brand identity.

In today’s world, the role of brands is playing an ever-increasing role and consumer expectations are significantly higher than they were a couple of years ago. Does your logo or visual identity keep up with the evolution? Does your identity communicate key brand issues? We help create visual credibility for your brand.



Trends come and trends go. Let’s grab them and notice in a couple of years that time has passed. How would you feel about a Brand you can be happy with in a decade?



Your own image bank makes your daily life much easier and gives your company humanity. Good personal and illustration images create credibility. Small investment, big credibility boost.


Graphics illustrations.

Comprehensive guidance on how to implement a visual look in different areas of communication. This way, you make sure that your look doesn’t start to splurge here and there if you use different players in your marketing.



Marketing materials.

Is there a lack of coherence in your company’s materials? We provide infographics, icon banks, illustrations, business cards, sticky notes, roll-ups — you name it.


What our customers is saying about us.

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Quotes — Black

I remember leaving the first meeting feeling relieved that not only was Scellus capable of delivering quality work, but that they understood the vision and weren’t intimidated by the monumental task at hand.

— Norma H, Projects, KLRCA

Quotes — Black

These guys are always serious about deadlines.

They do not promise anything before committing, and they always execute the work on time. And we really appreciate the quality of their work.

— Jane S, Manager, BIP

Quotes — Black

Scellus’ account management has been like having an extended part of our business team. Their proactive outreach and benchmark insights have been a large contributor to both the immediate and long term growth of our program.

— Tan TK, Director, SLB



Google it! Bing it!

That’s what people do when they have questions, need help, or want to buy something. To capture organic website traffic, everyone, including your direct competitors are working hard to keep themselves relevant for the top position on search engine results pages (SERP).

This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in.

SEO is a constantly evolving set of strategies, tactics, and best practices that help businesses like yours create websites and other digital content that search engines love.

Google runs on a complex algorithm that’s regularly updated. To keep up, many organizations employ SEO services, to ensure their SEO game is on point and feeding the Google algorithm A+ content.

If you build it, they will come? We know that’s not true, even in an interconnected world we’re in today.

To gain more customers once you’ve deployed your ecommerce website, you will need to start working on digital marketing.

There’s a lot of ways to achieve this. It’s essentially marketing, only digital. You can use social media, search engine marketing or search engine optimization. All of them falls under the digital marketing umbrella and serves their own purpose.

If you think all these sounds too complicated for you, talk to one of our experts. We’ll be more than happy to help you with your next steps.

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First, figure out what you’re planning to sell online.

Then, gather all information that you need in order to close the deal. You will need to prepare product photos, descriptions, etc.

Lastly, here are some additional requirements that you will need in order to start an ecommerce store:

  • Merchant account
  • Payment gateway
  • Ecommerce backend system to display, process, manage your inventory
  • Shopping cart

All this sounds alien to you? Talk to us. We’ll help you to get started.

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Website design & development.

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