Why partner with Scellus?

Drive value.

Deliver the best solutions to help your customers reach their business goals.

Grow revenue.

Find new channels and opportunities to drive growth.

Increase visibility.

Drive awareness and demand through partner collaboration.

Who should apply?

We want to join forces with creatives agencies, consultants and individuals all over the world to keep on growing.

If you know someone who’s looking to advertise on the web or hire an SEO agency, let them know who we are and you’ll be rewarded accordingly.

Marketing agencies.

We see great value into creating strong partnerships with agencies whose work integrates well with ours (web development, public relation, creative branding, graphic design, etc.)


Our many fields of expertise in the digital world give us the ability to put into practices the great digital strategies you recommend to your clients.


Do you have many high-level contacts and connections? If that sounds like you, take advantage of your networks and grow together.

What’s in it for you?


Earn up to 10% commission.

Get up to 10% commission from each lead that becomes a customer.


Get rewarded.

Money isn’t everything, but it is an interesting part of our affiliate program. We offer aggressive payout whenever a lead turns into a client.


Full support.

Don’t hesitate to refer your clients to Scellus: they will be in good hands. We provide ongoing technical, engineering and marketing support.


Grow your network.

Our partner program is a great way for consultants, creatives agencies or individuals to expand their network and join a community of marketing experts.


Best price.

Our partners enjoy custom usage-based plans and discounts. Slice up to 20% off for yourself, your clients, and referrals, or get a recurring commission.

Receive your referral commission in 3 easy steps.

Register to Scellus Partnership Program.

Fill and submit your details via the registration form. Our team will then contact you with more information about the program, how we can work together and of course, the terms and conditions.

Become a partner.

A referral partnership agreement will be sent to you, outlining all long-term benefits from participating in the program. Signing the paper makes you a referral partner.

Start referring.

Now that we've cleared all the registration process, it's time to do what you're here for. Submit your referral details, and our sales team will take over and contact them directly and finalize the deal.

Get started.

Know someone who needs our services?

Our sales team will reach out to your recommendation, get their needs, and finalize the business. As soon as they sign with us, you’ll be next on our call list.

Join Scellus Partnership Program and get rewarded.

Become a partner →

How will this work?

How do I start?

If you know a business who could be a great fit for Scellus, it’s really easy to get started.

  1. Recommend Scellus to a friend or business owner.
  2. For emails, add [email protected] to your introductory email & we’ll do the rest.
  3. Once the client signs, we’ll let you know that things are underway.
  4. You will earn 5% of the gross profit of the deal, month on month for as long as they remain with Scellus. The fees will be paid directly into your bank.
  5. This is completely uncapped — the more business you refer, the more lucrative it makes things for you.

What type of businesses should I refer?

Our speciality lies within ecommerce & custom applications, primarily focusing on workflow automation, custom solutions & digital marketing but we’re happy to chat with any business looking to grow and scale online.

We do push for clients to spend a minimum of USD 2,000 / MYR 8,000 per month for best performance, so fresh out the box start ups may not be the right fit.

Why Scellus?

We could go into huge detail here, but in a nutshell, we’re a cut above the rest. We offer an outstanding service without an exorbitant price tag.

We use the best technology and services that is best tailored for our clients. All projects are executed  to generating the highest return of investments (ROI), whilst providing excellent levels of customer service.

You can find out more about Scellus on our About or Services page.

When will I receive payment?

If the business you refer signs, fantastic! We’ll be in touch to gather your details so we can set you up with our accounts team. You’ll start receiving monthly payments after they pay their initial invoice, based on 30 day terms.

Terms & conditions.

There are some points of agreement that require prior consideration before enrolling in the business referral program.

  • If you sell a one-off project, you get 10% of the project value as a kick-back.
  • If you help us close the client into recurring engagement, you will get 10% of the contract value that will be paid monthly on the receipt of realization for the first 12 months.
  • If the payment from the referred client gets canceled for any reason, it will result in the cancellation of the referral.
  • An invoice would be required to be generated every month from your end.

Let's get started.

Scellus Partnership Program.

Schedule a call.

Claudine Ng, our Partnerships Specialist, has vast experience in managing partnership networks. She’ll be contacting you soon.