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Get more from your data.

Data is the backbone of every successful organization. You use it to take intelligent action and provide value to your clients and their businesses. Get more from your data. Move them to a modern platform to fully utilize them.

The messy data flow and bad data management can cost you millions. Today, data has significant importance as it affects your business outcomes.
Scellus data migration experts helps organizations move their data quickly, efficiently and securely.

What to expect?

Scellus will take care of your entire data migration process. From strategy to development, documents and content. Seamless, safe, secure migrations, designed and delivered.


We implement agile data migration project delivery and solutions development methodology.


We're thorough. A comprehensive thorough process from discovery to analysis will be implemented to ensure everything is moved correctly.


We collaborate with your team and stakeholders to ensure your data is consistent, structured, and organized.

Data migration reasons.

Why data migration?

No matter what industry you work in, there’s a high chance that you will need to transfer large sets of data from one platform to another at some point.

Here are some reasons why our clients choose use to run their data migration exercise.

Modernizing legacy system.

You’re modernizing your legacy system and need the data migrated from the old system over to the new one.


You’ve got a new business application and want to integrate the data from an older application.


You’re moving your IT platforms to the cloud to help scalability and require data and application migration.

In sync.

Your data needs to be synchronized between the old legacy system and new system so that a side-by-side system rollout can occur.


You’ve acquired a new subsidiary, or you’re merging and you need data to be moved from many systems on to one.

New everything.

You’re moving data from an existing server to another storage system, or consolidating data centrally.

Data migration process.

How will we do it?

Having a reliable team of experienced team will ensure the data migration process goes smoothly.


Design. We’ll identify existing data sources, determine the requirements of the new system and how the data will be converted and moved.


Extract. Data shall be exported from all existing sources.


Clean. Data issues will be reviewed & identified. We remove redundant or duplicated data. Identify incomplete data and correct inaccurate data.


Load. Clean data will then be imported to the new system, either in one go, in batches or in parallel.


Verify. Test the data and validate upload success.

No matter what industry you work in, there’s a high chance that you will need to transfer large sets of data from one platform to another at some point.
No matter what industry you work in, there’s a high chance that you will need to transfer large sets of data from one platform to another at some point.
Working with Scellus.

What makes us different?

We tailor made each data migration project according to your needs and situation.

Proven & trusted methods.

Using agile methodology, you're always in the loop. Everything we do is benchmarked to deliver your goals, your timeline and your budget.

Experts with specialized tools.

Our data migrations consultants and specialists are experts at using full suite of specialized data migration tools to handle your data migration needs.

Single point of contact.

We practice complete project visibility and multiple open lines of communication from day one. A dedicated contact person will be available for your every need while providing you continuous updates on your project's status.

Full data migration services.


Data migration services.

Data analytics services.

Data modeling services.

Data warehouse consulting.

Data analysis, discovery, interpretation services.

Data visualization services.

Cloud migration services.

Machine learning consulting.



That’s the software, platforms, and cloud solutions you’ll need for data migration projects. We use the latest tools and technologies for data migration planning, execution, and post-migration services.

The cost of software migration and application re-engineering services usually depends on the project complexity, scope, technology, and other factors. We provide estimation upon your requirements.

There’s no single approach to data migration as it depends on your requirements. The best data migration approach is the one that works for you and your organization.

We’re always available for consultation on the best strategy for your project.

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Data migration services.

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