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IT assessment services.

Get more out of your tech.

You’ve implemented and purchased a lot of technology to help your organization over the years. How do you know whether you’re getting the most out of it?

The goal of an IT assessment is to optimize and create efficient IT systems in order to decrease costs, reduce risk, and improve governance and security. It’s time to know what is and what isn’t working.

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Assessment points.

What we assess.

Physical equipments.


Network assessments.

Scellus Network Assessment provides a complete view of the entire IT environment including all devices that are connected to the network such as servers, switches, firewalls, routers, printers and end-user devices.

The analysis generates profiles of each device on the network including the hardware components, operating systems and patch levels, applications and associated licenses, current antivirus, signature update status, and warranty/support status. Additionally, the analysis identifies open ports that should be closed. Benefits include:

  • Complete mapping of physical and logical topologies.
  • Profiles of every device on the network.
  • IP addresses currently in use and which devices are using them.
  • Information on every connection in the network.


Wireless assessments.

In today’s working environment, everyone carries multiple devices and may be spending considerable time away from their desks.

A wireless assessment provides deep insights into the most optimal means to improve your wireless network, customized for your specific environment.

After the wireless assessment, we can design a new or supplemental wireless infrastructure to provide you with enterprise quality WiFi throughout your building or campus.

What can be better:

  • WiFi that just works.
  • Increased security level.
  • Better, faster and more consistent network through and through.

Additional assessments.


Virtualization assessments.

Virtualization can be a way to stretch your IT investment. As your organization evolve, your needs might not be met.

A virtualization assessment creates a strong foundation of where you are now, where you want to be, and where you should be now. This provides an accurate view of the workload support required for new or expanded virtual environments.

A virtualization assessment identifies:

  • Under utilized configurations.
  • Unused configurations.
  • Incorrectly configured hosts.
  • Out-of-date software & firmware.


Data protection assessments.

Your data is important. With the increasing amount of data collected, it’s not surprising that most organization are having a hard time securing theirs.

Our data protection assessments identify potential leaks within your  organization’s policies and procedures. All data storage methods shall be analyzed for security, data archiving, and accessibility.

Our assessment report will highlight weak areas to can be secured better and suggests process or technology changes to keep you ahead of the curve.

Your data storage methods will also be evaluated according to data privacy regulations such as

  • PDPA.
  • GDPR.
  • HIPAA.
  • PCI DSS.

Assessments steps.

How will this work?

Here’s what’s going to happen when you sign up for the  assessment.



We will contact you by phone or email within 2 business days to review processes, fees, and get approval to start.


Kick off.

A quick interview session on high-level IT operations will be held. We’ll also cover next steps, scheduling, and fees.


Site assessments.

We’ll visit your IT operations center and start our diagnostic process using our comprehensive methodology & tools. We’ll evaluate infrastructure, network, operating systems, software versions, warranty coverage, and more.



Scellus engineering team reviews the information, validates findings, and prepares a report. Once we’ve finalized the report, our project manager will contact you to set up an on-site appointment.



We’ll return to your office for a one-hour presentation of our findings and recommendations. You shall receive a copy of the presentation and access to our detailed diagnostics results.


Implement and execute.

An action plan for implementation will be created and executed. Once everything is up and running, you will start maximizing your ROI from your existing and new infrastructure, working in tandem.

Assessment coverage.

Identify the pulse of your IT.

IT Assessment Services from Scellus will check the pulse of your mission-critical systems by providing a thorough analysis of the following areas of your infrastructure.

Physical equipments

  • Backups
  • Databases
  • Desktops & laptops
  • Network
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Wireless

Network equipments

  • LAN
  • Network applications
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Speed
  • WAN
  • Wireless RF spectrum
  • Wireless performance & gaps

Data, security & virtual

  • Active directory/LDAP
  • Antivirus
  • Backups
  • Content management software
  • Database
  • Disaster recovery plans
  • Firewall
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Virtual machines

What you’re getting.


On completion of discovery phase, we analyze what we’ve learned about your organization, compared against best practices and potential technology solutions, providing you with:

  • Gap analysis. Comparing your organization with best practices and industry standards that can help your business thrive.
  • Prioritized recommendations. Not everything is urgent. We identify your biggest pain point and prioritize necessary changes and upgrades that aligns with your short and long term goals.
  • Implementation plan. What’s next? Who’s involved? How much will it cost? You’ll know all that to better utilize the technology you have and incorporate the upgrades you need.
  • Strategic and capital planning. Defining your way forward and address changes, growth, and obstacles as they arise.


The main & ultimate goal of an IT assessment is to optimize and create efficient IT systems that will decrease costs, reduce risk, and improve governance and security. In short, it provides verification & confirmation on what works and what isn’t working.

The constant change in technology forces even the most tech-savvy, cutting-edge organizations to consistently evaluate advancements in the context of their current IT environment and larger organizational goals.

In addition to providing a health check of the organization, IT assessments can help organizations uncover whether IT is helping move the organization forward, and if IT is appropriately spending.

IT assessments are not just about recommending the best hardware or picking out antivirus software. We can offer advice on industry best practices and help you build a strategy for the future.

Here’s some of the most obvious benefits you’ll receive upon completion of an assessment →

  • Spotting vulnerabilities: We will seek out information security risk points and provide lessons on high-risk behavior on your network.
  • Actionable intelligence. You can use this information to construct new security policies and address network risks. A network risk assessment is just as important as every other part of your systems. It is how you relate to your coworkers and your customers all in one place.
  • Set new standards. Without appropriate measurement tools, how do you know if you are doing things right and achieving your goals? Find out what works best for your organization and start setting a new baseline of performance with what you already have.
  • Know your IT. Do you know every piece of technology that you have? What does it do? What it could do? Is it the best option for what you are using it for?
  • Better budget planning. A detailed risk assessment report will you understand the possible consequences you could be facing if you don’t take the appropriate precautions.
  • Employee training & education: Identify gaps in knowledge and operations to ensure your workforce knows what’s best for your organization.
  • Get more from out of your IT. A comprehensive IT assessment will spot all of the opportunities that your business is missing out on improving efficiency.
  • Long-term planning: With the right analysis and foresight on your current infrastructure, you will know where to optimally spend your resources next.
  • Happy people. Knowing the problem allows your organization to start working on a fix to reduce & eliminate them. Combine that with an improved education from the assessment results, and you have a fully equipped and motivated workforce prepared to work harder and smarter than ever before.

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IT assessment.

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