From aligning your IT with your business needs to an end-to-end strategy for transforming your enterprise, Scellus has the world-class experience and expertise that you need.

Our Services

Unification is central to everything we do at Scellus.

Design & Build

We just love building things from the ground up. It’s in our DNA. We’ve engineered all kinds of wonderful websites – content-rich and fully-transactional – for some of the biggest brands on the planet.


We have the skills to help brands master the mobile devices that power our daily lives. We’ve been devising mobile strategy, building sites and creating apps for yonks.


Our creative geniuses spend their time conjuring up sparkling concepts and beautifully crafted visual designs that tell brand stories with words, pictures and moving images.

User Experience

We live and breathe the end-to-end customer journey and our user experience architects can specify exactly which devices and channels you customers will encounter along the way.

Managed Services

You can call us 24/7 for anything to do with hosting or the management of hosted services. We live and breathe this stuff.


No one is better at figuring out the perfect technology for a particular project – whether it’s front-end development or back-end integration with any device or channel imaginable.

Ready to take the next step?

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