Let social media experts manage your social media platforms.

A strong social media advertising & management strategy combined with creative organic posts allows your brand to optimize the performance of your campaigns while offering social network users what they truly want: authenticity.

We have the tools, processes, systems and software to make that happen.

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Scellus social media marketing & management.

Why invest in social media marketing & management?

Social media marketing is all about high quality content and consistency in branding, voice and posting. To reap the benefits on your social media presence, you’ll need a dedicated team of experts and that can be costly to do in-house.

Working with our social media marketing & management team will get you a dedicated social media manager, freeing you from relying on an already busy member of your internal team member.

In short, you will free up time, get better results and reap better ROI from your social media presence.

Social selling.

Social media is a powerful thing. But you must use it correctly and in the right context. So many companies get it wrong. Let us help you construct a social marketing strategy that hides the ‘selling’ part.

Everything you need to know about social media marketing.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the use of social media to increase brand awareness, build a targeted following, drive website traffic and ultimately increase your sales. Social media marketing for small businesses and entrepreneurs gives them the ability to establish their brand and online presence on platforms where their target audience is already scrolling.

All of that sounds pretty good right? So where do you start? Well, some of the social media platforms you can use to do this are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

The important thing to know is that there are two parts to social media marketing: organic social media management, which you will read about on this page and paid social media advertising services which you can click there to read more about.

The way to best decide how to go about your social media marketing plan is to first decide what your business goals and marketing goals are and what you would like to get out of social media marketing. So let’s talk a little more about that below.

Short term marketing.

Online advertising services.

Increase traffic and improve conversions, with our innovative paid growth services. Our performance-driven approach to digital marketing produces significant returns. Are you ready for a better ROI?

Search engine marketing (SEM).

Get right in front of qualified leads and grow your business with paid search/search engine marketing (SEM) services on Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.

Landing page optimization.

We use A/B testing to put your landing page to work for you. Align your online presence with what your audience is looking for, through the power of conversion rate optimization.

Creative advertising design.

Our performance mindset allows us to conceptualize, design and optimize creative assets to make sure your digital campaigns are set for success.

Social media advertising.

Cost-effective, targeted and proven social media advertising positions your brand for success. We use Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, Snapchat Ads, TikTok Ads and Pinterest Ads to leverage the power of social media, one post at a time.

Social media networks.

The right content for each social media networks.

Take the guesswork out of social media networks. Every platform has its own audience. And each audience has their own expectations for the things they want to see on the platform – that can affect how well your social media posts perform.

We can help with that.


The grand daddy of social media network. Varied audience, with over 2.9 billion active monthly users as of 2021. Used correctly, your Facebook page can be invaluable.

Quick facts.
  • More than 1.6 billion users around the globe are connected to a business on Facebook.
  • Facebook ads generated $17.65 billion in total revenue in the 3rd quarter of 2019.
  • 83% of consumers stated that they use Facebook to search for products and services.
  • 66% of users say that they Like or Follow a brand on Facebook.


A visual-first network, Instagram favors photos and videos that are attention-grabbing.

Quick facts.
  • 500 million users stated that they check Instagram Stories and Explore every month.
  • 92% of the total Instagram users say they’ve followed a business, visited their website, or made a purchase after seeing their product or service on Instagram.
  • 62% of users reported that they have become more interested in a brand after watching it in Stories.
  • 11% of social media users in the U.S. shop on Instagram.
  • 130 million Instagram users view shopping posts on the platform every month.


‘Trending’ and ‘hashtags’. What’s not to love?

Quick facts.
  • 79% of Twitter users state that they like to use this social network to discover what’s new which makes it the top social media platform for discovery.
  • Users are reported to 26% more likely to view Twitter ads.
  • Twitter yielded a 9% growth in revenue for the last quarter of 2019 which translates to $824 million.
  • Twitter’s website referral traffic increased up to 6%, year-over-year.

LinkedIn Logo


A more professional-oriented network, LinkedIn is great for building your organization up.

Quick facts.
  • LinkedIn is 277% more effective in generating leads.
  • 45% of marketers stated that they have gained customers through the social network.
  • 65% of B2B companies have reportedly used LinkedIn paid ads to acquire new customers.
  • 95% of B2B content marketers use LinkedIn for their organic content marketing.
  • LinkedIn impressions grew up to 50% year over year.

Media spend that we manage monthly for ads across different platforms and social networking sites.


Email templates we produce every month, from clients all over the world.


Social media marketing & management strategy executed every month, for our clients & partners.


Campaigns we schedule every month for our clients with extremely high targeted goals and objectives.

Long term marketing.

What you’re getting.

Grow your audience naturally and leverage the power of story with organic marketing. From blog posts to on-page SEO optimization, our SEO agency makes your online presence tempting to the right audience.

Community management.

We help you stay connected with your community and build a strong relationship with your followers by responding to comments and private messages in a timely manner. Comments that may damage your brand reputation are on our radar, and we’ll answer professionally and politely.

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Social media management strategy.

Our digital strategists build unique social media strategies based on key messaging, brand image and latest trends, to stimulate return on investment and positive results.


Social content creation & posts.

We implement a content strategy adapted to your objectives and targets. Your content enhances your brand image and engages your community.

Reports & analytics.

We measure results monthly and optimize our content creation based on previous performance and trends.

Why we’re different.

We do it all.

Marketing can get quite overwhelming at times. We help you complete the puzzle. We develop strategies for all facets of your online presence and execute across the board, so you’re pulling every lever to engage customers and scale.

You own your data.

We’re transparent with what we’re doing. You’ll gain direct access to the tools we’re using, so you can learn more about your customers use them wherever you see fit.

We keep it simple.

We’re not interested in baffling you with jargon and buzzwords. If something is useful, we’ll tell you; if it’s just hype, we’ll tell you.

We will also tell you the why. We always give a straight answer to a straight question.

Scellus is here to help.

COVID-19 continues to impact all of us, from how we work to how we conduct our daily lives.

If you need digital marketing services in Malaysia, we have good news for you. We sat down with our partners to offer discounted prices for some of our core services to help out during these though times.

Interested? Set up a call with our consultants and get started.

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What our clients are saying.

Quotes — Black

These guys are always serious about deadlines.

They do not promise anything before committing, and they always execute the work on time. And we really appreciate the quality of their work.

— Jane S, Manager, BIP

Quotes — Black

I remember leaving the first meeting feeling relieved that not only was Scellus capable of delivering quality work, but that they understood the vision and weren’t intimidated by the monumental task at hand.

— Norma H, Projects, KLRCA

Quotes — Black

Scellus’ account management has been like having an extended part of our business team. Their proactive outreach and benchmark insights have been a large contributor to both the immediate and long term growth of our program.

— Tan TK, Director, SLB

Social media marketing & management services.

Get a bigger audience makes for a better conversation.

Book a free consultation with our social media advertising specialists to discover how Scellus can help you achieve your goals, objectives and ambitions.

We’re pretty sure you will see an increase in engagement, reach and return on investment.

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