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We build powerful web and mobile applications, from highly technical internal tools to robust customer–facing interfaces.

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Why develop custom applications?

Off the shelf software works great as a short term solution. What’s the problem then? They don’t scale with your business and your needs.

Increase productivity with custom application that are designed and optimized specifically to serve your business processes and workflows.

Automate redundancies.

Streamline day-to-day tasks like email follow-up and data entry, lowering overhead and freeing up time for more profitable tasks—so you can focus on what matters most.

Make smarter decisions.

Gain true business intelligence when you make smarter business decisions backed by meaningful data and easy-to-use reports and dashboards.

Work the way you do.

You do you. Don’t let your existing applications dictate how you do your work. Let them work for you.

Eliminate bottlenecks.

Identify bottlenecks and manage them by automating or tuning your key processes. This will accelerate the drive efficiency and cost savings.

Connect the dots.

Connect your employees, customers, partners, and suppliers to improve collaboration and surface vital insights through data.

Act faster and better.

Bringing all your data together becomes essential as your organizations grow.

Imagine the power you have when everyone in your team member has access to all relevant data, when they need it.

How we do it.


With a solid plan and timeline, the project will enter the development phase.

Ongoing communication between stakeholders will continue to fine tune the requirements further.


A software is a living thing. Requirements changes. Features needs to be added, changed or removed.

We’ll help you track ROI, ensuring you’re creating the impact intended for your customers and your business.

Get it right.

A dedicated project manager will guide you from inception to launch.

We will focus on the what & the how to create the best solutions for your requirements & objectives.

Future proof.

Effortless scaling.

Seamlessly support your growth via an automated scale-up infrastructure.

Robust APIs.

Simplify integration with any website or app with easy-to-use APIs and SDKs.

Automated backup.

Automatically back-up your assets in a secure location with revision control for disaster recovery.

High availability.

All the pieces required to run applications we manage are always available and supported by our service level agreement (SLA).

Security and compliance.

ISO compliance and commitment to privacy makes Scellus a trusted choice for any organization that cares about data.

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Problems? No problem.

We’re here to help if anything unexpected happens to you or your customers during the shopping journey.


Connect with other business apps to automate your workflow.

Accounting systems.

Help your accounting team with an automated workflow. We integrate with various accounting solutions and are compatible with the rest. Reach out for a specific solution for your needs.

Marketing platforms.

Allow your marketing team to put fuel under their online ads – they can track every touchpoint the guest has and make sure they know if their campaigns are paying off. Spend money the right way.

Newsletters platforms.

We offer full access to data that you can easily merge with your preferred newsletter platforms allowing your team to connect with your customers or suppliers with data already in your system.

Tech stacks.

Scellus is technology-agnostic organization. We believe that there is no ‘one size fits all’ for a particular problem. We use the best tool for the job.





Express JS

Ruby on Rails




We keep deepening our expertise to build even more innovative, secure, and scalable apps

Cloud agnostic.

Gartner recently predicted that by 2025, “80% of enterprises will migrate entirely away from on-premises data centers with the current trend of moving workloads to colocation, hosting and the cloud leading them to shut down their traditional data center.

We partner with the best cloud providers. We use them according to your organizations goals & objectives.

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Google Cloud

Web apps vs. native apps.

Why we think web application is better for you.

We’ve reached a point where internet is available wherever we go. Web technology has also advanced to the point where we believe web applications are a better fit for most organizations.

Remote everywhere.

Gain the ability to access your business application from any device and any location.

Your data, to go.

Stay productive and on the go all day. If your device comes with a web browser, and it’s connected to the internet, we can make your custom web application works on a smart phone or even a tablet.

Eliminate busy work, and just work.

You data is available for anyone who needs it. Forget about how you’ve been dealing with files. They can now be made available to anyone who requires it.

Works on anything.

Almost all modern devices connects to the internet and they comes with a web browser preinstalled. That means, your web application will work on them too.

They will work on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android & iOS.

Near zero maintenance.

All updates, upgrades, and patches are handled behind the scenes, so you will always have the latest version available without having to perform any maintenance.

Keeping everyone on the same page.

All users can access the same revision of data. Forget about keeping everyone in the loop. They’re already in the loop.

Maximum uptime.

Be assured of maximum availability thanks to redundancy built into the system, which Microsoft guarantees with a 99% uptime standard.

Automated backup.

Data backup and protection tools designed to help ensure your data is available when you need it.

Cooperation models.

How we’ll work together.

It is often tempting to find a solution without really taking the trouble to fully understand what you are trying to solve.

We believe it’s essential to have in-depth knowledge paired with highly skilled teams to craft and design solutions.

We work methodologically, crafting a clear path and deliverables, allowing us to be highly organized, maximizing satisfaction of our clients.



Whether you are looking for a new web application development or want to improve or expand your existing system, we can help you shape the project strategy with your business goals, technical capacity and market reality in mind.


Full cycle development.

We provide the full range of web development services including custom website development services, web app development, UX/UI design, complex web platform architecture and implementation, and industry-specific web applications.



If you are at the idea stage of your web product and need to test your concept, we are ready to help. We offer fast kick-off – build an MVP, help you verify your concept in real environment and optimize your investment into expanding to web.

Where you are right now?


Just about to get started.

You’ve got hit with a great idea. And now, it’s time to get it out into the world. We can help put you on the right path from the very start and give you a head start on competition.

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Ready for next step.

You’ve built a product and it has proven its worth and now ready for next step. We shall review your systems together to uncover new potential to make it works even better.

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It works, but I want it to be better.

Your app works, but it needs a fresh coat of paint, or there’s new features that you wanted to add. You’re looking to add subtle improvements rather than a complete overhaul.

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They’re the easiest company we’ve ever worked with. The whole team is always in sync and easily stays on top of our tight timeline and budget. There have been no surprises whatsoever.

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Custom application development or custom software development is the process of developing software for specific needs of a business process or group of users.

Such applications serve the goals of a business by providing features and workflows generally not found in more traditional and widespread off-the-shelf software.

That’s a simple question with a very complicated answer.

Most custom software projects fall somewhere between the $50,000 and $500,000 mark to design and develop.

It’s a broad range, and probably not that useful because the software can mean anything from a calculator on your phone to a full enterprise logistics system that supports millions of users. No two custom-built applications are the same.

To give some context, here are some of the factors that will determine the price of a software:

  • Project size
  • Features
  • Duration
  • Complexity
  • Integrations

Again, it depends.

Well, most projects vary in complexity and requirements. To take an analogy, there’s no best vehicle. A truck works best when you need to transport items. Transporting a person, a car will definitely work better.

With our extensive experience in building applications for all kind of companies and organizations, we can roughly estimate the kind of ‘vehicle’ you need.

We design and build software that works best for for your needs.

More questions?

Let us know and our experts will get in touch with you as soon as we can.

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