We create solutions that make your business better.

Scellus is a full-service design, development, consulting technology agency. We take what’s familiar and we ask ourselves questions that allows us to see it in a new angle. We are focused on creating solutions that works, simple and useful.

We’re a collective of consultants, analysts, developers, designers, copywriters, art directors, developers, information architects, account executives, content editors and producers — all working to create a better experience for our customers.

Our work consists largely of projects that benefit from our integrated disciplines.

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Create. Operate. Build. Grow. Accelerate.

Scellus services.

What we do.

We make solutions that works, simple and useful.

We are great at what we do because we hire great people. We take care of them. They take care of you. It’s that simple.

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Turn your ideas into reality through digital design & development.

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Get more out of your tech. Automate and digitalize your business operations, optimize yours apps and implement the latest technologies.

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Get noticed and grow your business by capitalizing on today’s powerful advertising tool.

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Manage, monitor, migrate & reengineer solutions aligned to your business goals and changing needs.

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Essentials websites.

Essentials is our starter website package. It's the perfect start for establishing your web presence and credibility. They are simple yet effective and impressive.

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How we deliver.

Small, experienced teams.

The best digital products and solutions are created by hands-on, multidisciplinary teams of experts with experience crafting products and deploying at scale.

Clear measurable KPIs.

Our strategists help create digital experiences and solutions by clarifying goals and driving consensus around a focused set of metrics.

No surprises.

Less presentations and more actual work. Creating digital products is challenging enough without investing excessive hours in creating one-off presentations.

Ongoing optimization.

Most of our work comes from years-long relationships with repeat clients. We partner with them to create long-term roadmaps while extending and optimizing their digital platforms.

Continuous validation.

Testing and validation takes place in every phase of our process. We build, we test and we learn. Our work are tested frequently to validate and confirm that they’re delivering expected results.

Quick feedback loop.

For most of our work, we complete a full design cycle and prototype early, enabling clients to begin validating ideas & solutions well before deployment.

Our customers.

Sometimes the best way to learn about a company is through the experiences of its customers.

Whatever your industry or needs, explore our customer’s success stories to give you an idea on how it’s like to work with Scellus.

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Our values.


These principles are not aspirations, they are constraints and we expect them to be adhered to under all conditions.


Be unique. Be you.

We’re here because we love what we do. It’s our passion, career and vocation. We constantly look for others who feel and act the same way.


Move fast.

We’re pragmatic, and we like to keep things simple. A quicker way is usually the better way.


Be better.

Always push forward. We’re on a tireless pursuit to become better and expect those around us to do the same.


Do more.

We believe in going the extra mile in whatever we do. We are focused on the solution, not the problem. We take the initiative, do more and deliver more to push our boundaries.

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We love personalities that don’t fit molds. We’re building an extraordinary team that loves to make great digital products — come join us.

Everyone at Scellus has a comprehensive personal development plan that’s tailored to suit their goals. everyone’s encouraged to take advantage of courses, conferences and events to expand their knowledge.

We’re a tight team. We believe that people do extraordinary things when motivated. None of us know what we’re capable of until confronted with the most challenging tasks.

Think you’ll fit right in? We’re always looking out for capable people.

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Need a few moments to bounce around some ideas?
Let’s talk over a cup of coffee.

All of our client partnerships start with a conversation, we’ll invest as much time as you need to answer your questions and give you good direction. Let’s schedule a meet. The coffee is on us.

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Contact us.

No matter what solutions, products, or services you’re interested in, we’d love to talk.

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Explore your options for easily and seamlessly getting started with Scellus today.

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Explore our customer’s success stories to give you an idea on how it’s like to work with Scellus.

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