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What is it?

Your restaurant website design needs to be just as good as your food, customer service, and atmosphere. It needs to convey these quality elements through a screen. The methods we apply to your restaurant web design will get you there.

When done properly, restaurant websites become works of art that will showcase your chef’s passion and talent, while promoting their culinary creations online. This is turn will help get more customers and increase sales.

Too complicated.

Many restaurant websites are overly complicated, unfortunately. They fall short on at least one of the two keys to creating the perfect restaurant website:

  • Attract your customers with your restaurant’s uniqueness.
  • Make it super easy to find all the necessary information.

In a nutshell.

By breaking down these goals into key ingredients, Scellus Essentials covers all the important elements required for a great restaurant website that not only looks good, but drives customers through your doors.

What’s the ingredients for the perfect restaurant website?

Your customers deserved a restaurant website that is focused on their needs.


There’s a good chance you already know how important your menu is. Your restaurant’s menu is the most important internal advertising tool that sets the experience your guest are about to have. It’s an instant snapshot of your restaurant and the one piece of advertising every guest will read. Having an appealing, clean menu is essential to communicating your brand.

Yes, you need to put your menu on your website, and yes, you do need to include your prices.

Scellus Essentials comes with easy-to-navigate menus for all courses & branches that are a delight to look at. We will even throw in social sharing buttons, as well as a printable version of the menu if required.

Fast facts: 86% of people check menus online before they come to a restaurant. In 2015 OpenTable Survey, they concluded that customers regularly check out menus online before they dine out.

Food Descriptions

They say that most people eat with their eyes. That’s why food brands rely on high quality imagery.

They are tricky to get right, and words can be just as important. They can trigger both an emotional response and a physical craving.

We use simple, straight to the point language that delivers spot-on copy that brings food to life.


Imagery is the most effective way to send a message about your business to potential guests. Photos convey what to expect and look forward to when guests come to the restaurant in person. If you’ve can evoke a “Ooo – that looks good” response from website visitors, you’ve already won them over.

When it comes down to it, customers come to a restaurant to enjoy the food & drinks there.

Our photography package will capture only things that matters. They convey the ambiance of the restaurant, the food, and what the customers can expect when they’re there.

Photos are visually engaging. The restaurant website can also have a photo gallery that you can regularly update with photos of the restaurant, food and events.

Location & Hours

Keep things simple. Therefore, if someone visits the website, it shouldn’t take them more than a few seconds to figure out where to find you.

Your address, location and hours of operations. People tend to look for those, we make them obvious and accessible.

Specials & Promotions

The competition among restaurants is fierce, and you’ll need to give your all to be successful. So you came up with a great marketing idea & strategy that will help your restaurant grow, but they’re nowhere to be seen on your site.

Scellus Essentials comes with a dedicated Account Manager that is just a phone call or email away. So, share your ideas with our team and we shall work hand in hand with you to make them appear on your restaurant website.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

— Leonardo da Vinci

Speak your customer’s language.

A menu that foreign customers can understand builds trust immediately and can be the main decisive factor in choosing a restaurant.

A good translation can make all the difference.

Scellus Essentials can be customized to support multiple languages, from Japanese, Korean all the way to Spanish and even Russian.

Feeling social?

Complete profile on popular social media platforms.

If you’re just getting started on your social media accounts, we ensure pertinent information like your hours and contact information can be easily accessed on your profile. The less clicks it takes to find out about your restaurant, the better.

Photo by Miguel Maldonado on Unsplash

Continuous improvement.

The internet and your business changes daily, as does the way users consume websites.

Because of this, our approach to website design is to continuously improve. That means launching quickly and responding to actual user data so we can craft a conversion tool that’s tailored to real visitors, not based on our anyone’s assumptions.

With Scellus Essentials, you can update any of the contents yourself. Too busy? We will even dedicate an Account Manager for you that will help you with anything you need*.

* Available only for the Scellus Essentials Premium Package.
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Discover how people find your business.

Learn how customers are interacting with your website. How did people find you? Where are they coming from? With Scellus Essentials, the answers are right here.

If tables, figures & charts is not your thing, or you’re just too busy running your restaurant, our Account Manager will generate a simplified report with data that matters to you*.

* Available only for the Scellus Essentials Premium Package.
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Scellus Essentials will help turn your restaurant's website into a lead generation tool.


Easy-to-navigate menus for your restaurant that are a delight to look at.

Location & Hours

It shouldn’t take visitors more than a few seconds to figure out where to find you.

Specials & Promotions

Having a promo? Make sure everyone knows about it.

Food Descriptions

Simple, straight to the point language that delivers spot-on copy that brings food to life.


Photography package to capture only things that matters. The ambiance of the restaurant, the food, and what to expect when they’re there.

Continuous Improvement

Backed by WordPress, you can update any of the contents yourself. We can help you update if you're too busy to do it yourself.

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