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Are you a business creator and you want to put your business on the web quickly?

We have developed Essentials specifically for you.

Essentials is our starter website package. It’s the perfect start for establishing your businesses’ web presence and credibility. They are simple yet still effective and impressive.

You would never imagined launching your business without a business plan. Yet, most people had no problem with the idea of starting a website with no purpose in mind. You’re not alone. This Field of Dreams mentality of “If you build it, they will come” is pervasive among businesses. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.

Running a restaurant?

Think your restaurant’s website is performing at it’s best?

We’ve identified the key ingredients for a restaurant website. Scellus Essentials for Restaurants covers all the important elements required for a great restaurant website that not only looks good, but drives customers through your doors.

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What is an Essentials website?


Purpose Driven.

A good website is nothing without purpose – without intent.

Is the site intended to inform and educate, sell products or services, raise your company’s profile, build community or something else? Think of purpose this way: Assuming your website is successful, what will it have accomplished?

We will build and design the website once we’ve established its primary purpose.



Simplicity is the key to a providing a good user experience for website visitors. An effective purpose-driven website requires users to make few decisions along the buyer journey.

As a best practice, we don’t offer more than seven navigation elements in menus and page layouts. Keeping things simple will help drive the action that you want your website visitors to take.


Fast and Efficient.

You have to be doing multiple things at the same time when you’re running a business.

We understand that. Essentials core idea is to simplify your daily routine. Everything you see on the website can be edited easily without taking too much of your time.

If you don’t even have time for that, our team can even help you with scheduled posts, updates and new content.

What do you need?

People often assume that creating a business website is a lot of work. In most ways, that is very true. Scellus will walk you through each step until you meet your goal.

A custom domain.

A domain name adds credibility to your business. Having your own domain name makes your company look professional.

Responsive Design.

Optimized browsing experience, on any device.

Contact Details.

Make it easy for customers to get in touch.


A fast website instantly creates a strong first impression. If it loads fast, your visitor is immediately happy.

Good professional design.

The impression your brand leaves is more important than ever. And how do you leave a good impression? Good design.

Quick & easy editing.

Update your website in seconds from anywhere. Our platform works everywhere, be it desktop or mobile.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

We will make your site’s content searchable and visible. Get your website listed on Google quickly.

What you’re getting.


  • 5 pages
    (e.g. 1x home page, 1x about company page, 1x services page, 1x team page, 1x contact page)
  • Deployment of WordPress
  • Integration of content provided and optimized for the web (texts & visuals)
  • Content & technical optimization (keywords, title tags, meta-descriptions)
  • Responsive (optimized reading for different mobile media)
  • Tests & uploading
  • Anti-spam contact form
  • Blog / News section
  • Booking integration
  • Calendar integration
  • Sharing blog posts on social networks

Optional Packages

A / Logo and Branding
  • 2 initial concepts
  • 3 revisions
  • Finalization of the approved design
  • Delivery of EPS + PDF, JPG, PNG files
B / Photo Shoot – Office
  • 6 retouched photos (30 min)
  • 6 pictures of your office, cabinet, commercial premises, etc
C / Photo Shoot – Corporate
  • 3 retouched photos (30 min)
    e.g. 3 portraits of a person, or 2 portraits and 1 team picture, or 1 portrait for 3 different people.

Ready to take your business to the next level.?

Web Development & Deployment

Get started with your new website.

Share your plan with us and we will take it from there.

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  • You know your clients and target market.
  • Domain name for the website.
  • Having visuals ready (images, photos portraits, premises, products or others) are to be provided.
    [OPTIONAL: We can help via the Photoshoot options].
  • Editorial contents (copy, company description, etc) are to be made available upon starting of project.