CNK Global needed help building its own IT environment. In a few months. In the middle of the pandemic. “Having access to all these specialists has been very valuable,” says IT manager, Chai C.

CNK needed to bring home its entire IT environment. Everything needed to be done in two months, including planning. Any delay to the project timeline would lead to very high incurred costs.

Delivery problems, largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, eats into the already short timeframe. During these months, we worked almost around the clock to get deliveries, planning and execution together.

Work summary.



People involved



2 months.

Scope and tech

IT Assessments, IT Consultation, IT Deployment, Microsoft 365 Consulting, Deployment & Optimization



The problem.

Single point of contact.

CNK saw a need for a more central IT supplier where service, products, services and licenses were gathered. Through Scellus, CNK bought, among other things, backups, networks, licenses and clients.

At CNK’s brand new office, while co-ordinating with their general contractor, Scellus designed and built a completely new office network, including deployment of computers, networks and switches.

The solution.

Efficiency is doing better what is already being done.

Although the hardware and software the organization had in place had been working just fine for years, it was overly complex for the job that needed to be done.

There were layers of hardware and software in place including multiple third party applications from different vendors, all with expensive maintenance and support contracts. The older technology was difficult and frustrating for employees to use, which resulted in people finding their own “work-arounds” and downloading free apps to get the job done — not ideal from a security point of view.

After a thorough audit, we peeled back the excess that had been built up and replaced it with newer and simpler technology. Scellus team helped the non-profit organization transition from outdated technology leveraging new cloud services that were much more cost-effective, easier to use and far more secure.

I have experienced several office moves during my career, and there always seems to be one thing that slows everything down. Scellus anticipated all of those needs and understood how crucial it was that we move and continue production with as little downtime as possible.

Avatar - MaleChai C
Project Manager, CNK Global

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